Garage Door App for Apple Watch

Open and close your garage with the Apple Watch

Garage Doors App

This app allows you to open and close a garage door with your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad. To use this app, you need a garage with a door drive and a "2 Channel Relay Module Bluetooth BLE". This module can be ordered at many online shops. Please use a search engine to find a shop. For more information about the relays module and the app, please visit:

This app can be connected with any number of modules. This allows you to equip several garage doors with a relay module and open and close them with just one app. By entering an alias, the modules are marked clearly and can easily be assigned to a garage door.

Garage door app for Apple Watch
Open the garage door via Bluetooth
Select a garage door that was previously configured on the iPhone.
Two garage doors can be controlled via single module
Open garage one
Open garage two