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Blue Asteroid

You're on an important research mission in a galaxy far, far away. You've flown your spaceship light years away from earth, in search of new life. Suddenly, you find yourself caught in the middle of a dangerous asteroid belt. Now it's time to put your piloting skills to the test. Your science officer has discovered that there are special blue asteroids under the dangerous asteroids in the asteroid belt. These mysterious asteroids radiate an unknown power, giving your ship a useful shield. Steer your ship through the asteroid belt, dodge the dangerous asteroids and collect the blue ones.

Game for the Apple Watch and iPhone / iPad

Blue Asteroid is a game that was specially developed for Apple Watch. You can also play it on your iPhone or iPad. The aim of this Apple Watch game is to dodge asteroids with your spaceship, using the Digital Crown to maneuver.

Collect the blue asteroid (Watch)
Blue shield (Watch)
An asteroid exploded from the shield (Watch)
Start button and highscore (Watch)
Blue Asteroid iPhone game
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